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By delivering accurate comprehensive regulatory training, EPA Institute provides students with the skills and knowledge they need as environmental professionals. Our regulatory courses enable you to reach your fullest potential in air, water, waste and environmental management system regulatory subject matter.
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Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases (2 Hours)

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Course Description
Global Warming, its effect to environment and the climate changes due to Global warming is serious subject matter now a day. It is important that everyone around us should be aware of the effects of Global Warming and Green house gasses this is the reason EPA Institute has put together this two hour course for everyone to review the effects of Global warming and how individuals can make change to the environment by adopting responsible lifestyle and make small changes in their lifestyle to save planet earth.

This quick-study course is intended to provide interested members of the general public with a basic introduction to Global Warming that can serve as a foundation for more specific research. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed. At the end of this course users will have following information:

  • Understanding of Global Warming and Green house Gases
  • What are the causes of Global Warming
  • What are the affects of Global Warming to our lifestyles and to our Planet
  • Affects of Global Warming on our weather
  • Impacts of Global Warming to our Planet
  • How to Stop Global Warming