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By delivering accurate comprehensive regulatory training, EPA Institute provides students with the skills and knowledge they need as environmental professionals. Our regulatory courses enable you to reach your fullest potential in air, water, waste and environmental management system regulatory subject matter.
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Introduction into the Clean Air Act (2 Hours) 2 CEUs

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Course Description
This two (2) hour course provides each student with an all encompassing view of the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA). Enacted in 1970, and substantially amended in 1978 and 1990, the CAA was once the esoteric domain of environmental engineers, consultants, lawyers and regulators. Today, the CAA remains one of the key regulatory programs facing facilities and operations throughout the United States, forcing everyday professionals to be knowledgeable of its’ scope and implications.

While emphasizing the CAA Amendments of 1990, the course discusses in detail the history, structure and scope of the CAA; reviewing each major CAA title (as modified by the 1990 Amendments), and describing the legislative components of the CAA with chapters, sub-chapters, sections, subsections, and clauses in an easy to understand format. The course concludes with a discussion on the overall impact the CAA has had on the environment and public health while highlighting the many successes of the Act.

In order to effectively deal with the numerous requirements of the act, environmental professionals (and nowadays, operations and facility managers) must have a basic understanding of the law and how it is enforced.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understanding the overall impact and implementation requirements of the Clean Air Act.
  • Understanding the history behind the Clean Air Act and Amendments.
  • Understand the legislation behind the Clean Air Act and know the prominent provisions of the framework legislation that govern the Clean Air Act.
  • Understand how the Clean Air Act affects their facility / operation, including basic requirements for compliance.
  • Identify sources of criteria pollutants and their hazards to human health.
  • Understand the achievements of the Clean Air Act in improving Air Quality
  • Further develop their professional knowledge by undertaking more advanced Clean Air Act courses.

EPA Institute accepts all major credit cards.

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