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By delivering accurate comprehensive regulatory training, EPA Institute provides students with the skills and knowledge they need as environmental professionals. Our regulatory courses enable you to reach your fullest potential in air, water, waste and environmental management system regulatory subject matter.
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Toxic Substance Control Act (2 Hours) 2 CEUs

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Course Description
This two (2) hour course provides each student with an in depth analysis of the key provisions comprising the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), including requirements for Pre-Manufacture Notification (PMN), testing, and regulation of chemicals; as well as record keeping and reporting requirements. TSCA is a broad-ranging federal environmental statute affecting not only chemical manufacturers but also companies that use, process, distribute, import, and export chemical products across a wide range of industry and operational environments.

Topics of discussion in this course are:

  • Sorting Through TSCA Exclusions and Exemptions
  • Understanding the PMN Review Process
  • Options to Respond to Proposed Regulations for New and Existing Chemicals
  • Import Certification and Export Notification
  • Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) and 8(e) Reporting
  • TSCA regulations for Lead, PCBs, and Asbestos

How You Will Benefit

  • Define terminology applicable to the TSCA.
  • Identify major laws/regulations regulating the marketing of chemical products and the control of chemicals in the environment.
  • Identify agencies/authorities responsible for the enforcement of these laws/regulations.
  • Describe the goals and objectives of the specific laws/regulations presented.
  • Identify the role that costs, health risks, societal concerns, economical impact and other modifying factors play in the process of regulating chemicals.
  • Describe how toxicological data is utilized/required in the chemical regulatory process.
  • Identify and access sources (including the internet) providing information on the toxicity and regulation of chemicals.

EPA Institute accepts all major credit cards.

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