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Safe Drinking Water Act

Course Description
This two (2) hour course provides each student with an overview of the major components making up the Safe water Drinking Act (SDWA) as it exists today. This course covers the history of drinking water regulation in the United States prior to SDWA’s enactment, as well as an overview of SDWA’s evolution up to and including the 1996 Amendments. The course begins with the basics of regulatory compliance, including EPA definitions, and moves into the process used to set drinking water standards while discussing in detail the Underground Injection Control Programs and classes of wells.
This course will provide you with an in-depth review of the Public Notification Rule, Consumer Confidence Reports, Total Coli form Rule, Surface Water Treatment Standards, The Disinfection By Product Rules, Lead and Copper Rule, Inorganic Contamination; and Radionuclide’s Contamination. In addition we will provide you with the basic requirements of the Groundwater Rule (including health effects of each contaminate group).
How You Will Benefit

  • Understand federal, state, and local laws relating to Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Identify and understand current drinking water standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of microbiological, organic, inorganic, and toxic contaminants.
  • Underground the Injection Control Wells program, including specifications, classes and uses as described by law.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of National Secondary Drinking Water Standards, Maximum Contaminant Level, and Maximum Contaminant Level Goals